A Day at the Italian Embassy in Washington D.C


Washington D.C is the world’s Capital. It features some of the planet’s most interesting Embassies. Some are famous for their rich history, others also for their beautiful & unique Architecture.

While in D.C to participate in the wonderful Caravan Beirut Initiative, KAMSYN PR founder Emile E. Issa, was invited to visit the Italian Embassy in Washington.

Italian Embassy
Italian Embassy in Washington D.C.
Italian Embassy in Washington D.C

We were warmly welcome by Michael Louis Giacalone, the dynamic & elegant Public Relations Officer at the Italian Cultural Institute in D.C. We discovered master paintings from the Renaissance era, as well as a unique  Architecture designed by Piero Sartogo Architetti.

A very interesting talk followed with Michael Giacalone about the work of the Italian Archeology Mission in Yemen.

Michael Giacalone


The Italian Archeological Mission in Yemen was launched in 1980 with the support of the Italian Ministry of Foreign Affairs. Coordinated by Pr Alessandro de Maigret ( 1943-2011) .

The Mission initiated a series of archeological fieldwork projects with the foremost goal to establish a reliable historical chronology for the past cultures of Southern Arabia. The ongoing difficult situation has a negative impact on Yemen’s archeological and cultural heritage. Archeological fieldwork and restoration projects have been halted, and a large number of museums and Archeological sites have been destroyed.

Hall of the Italian Embassy in D.C.


Michael Giacalone declared to KAMSYN that:

“Italian Archeologists in collaboration with UNESCO and Yemeni partners will continue to safeguard the cultural and historic heritage of South Arabia. Protecting the heritage and fostering creativity among world citizens is of key importance for future generations and Yemen’s development and Peace”

The western bastians of the walls of Baraqish



KAMSYN also met with the refined Diplomatic Attaché Talal El Absi, at the Embassy of Bahrein in D.C. It was a beautiful occasion to discuss the importance of peace building for the future of MENA region as well as the essential role of cultural exchanges.

Talal Al Absi
Talal Absi

” As a matter of fact, Bahrein is very active today in building cultural bridges as hospitality is anchored deeply in the Bahreini culture as well as the sense of travel. More projects will be presented soon in order to promote our unique culture balancing tradition & modernity “.

monumenta orientalia

Kamsyn, May 2016