Designer Spotlight: Desk Planter by Marine & Michel

The Beirut Design Week 2016 revealed multiple innovative designs and new trends. One of the 2016 original creations spotted by KAMSYN is the Desk Planter.  An original marble and stainless steel base for planters featuring Translucent Plexiglas for the plant container.

Beautifully designed by Marine Bustros & Michel Moukarzelthe dynamic & refined Architect Duo based in Beirut; the Desk Planter is a personalized solution that can be used to create a little touch of green in work environments between colleagues or to place your essentials at the office or at home. With the Boshi Neo-Oriental hat that has made the headlines, the Desk Planter is one of this years’ minimalist revelations within Beirut Design Week. In respect of the minimalist tradition, the Desk Planter reveals:  it’s not about what you add, but what you remove to create space.

The purity of the materials combined with the sharpness of the lines revisits the Zen adagio of “less is more”. The mineral base becomes the ideal platform for the vegetal roots & leaves to blossom.

“Our aim was to create a better working environment as today most of the professional premises are open space configurations. They are more efficient and promote team work but sometimes lack privacy. Studies have shown that plants offer a means to decrease stress while enhancing productivity”


Desk Planter PICTURE 02 Michel & Marine
The Desk Planter by Marine & Michel



Technical Sheet:

Design Name: Desk Planter 
Designers: Marine + Michel 
Materials: − Marble and Stainless Steel for the planters. − Translucent Plexiglas for the plant container. 
Dimensions: − Large planter: 32cmx12cmx10cm (LxWxH) − Medium Planter: 12cmx8cmx8cm (LxWxH) − Small Planter:12cmx8cmx6cm (LxWxH)  
Year of conception: 2016