DIFAS 2016 & UEFA 2016 Spain shines in International Headlines


Spain shines in the International Headlines this week as the country celebrates it’s Armed Forces Day DIFAS (28th of May 2016) and the Real Madrid’s win in the UEFA 2016 Football Cup.

DIFAS stands for ¨Día de las Fuerzas Armadas Españolas¨; the Spanish Armed Forces Day. It pays tribute to all the Spanish militaries who exert extraordinary efforts to establish peace and stability in Spain and abroad. This year, it is celebrated on the 28th of May. The date of the celebration varies from one year to another given that it should take place on the closest weekend to the celebration of Saint Ferdinand, Patron Saint of the Engineers Army Corps.


The celebration of the Armed Forces Day goes back to 1978 when an annual national celebration was founded to pay tribute to the armies and to promote their integration in the society and the knowledge about them.

Felipe VI

During the DIFAS celebration in Spain, the units organize activities whose objective is to better know the army. These activities include Open Door days, exhibitions, military marches, and pledges of alliance to the Flag, as well as acts of homage to the Flag and to those who sacrificed their lives for Spain.

DIFAS 2016
The Spanish Royal Couple attending the DIFAS 2016 Ceremony


HM The King of Spain Felipe VI honoring those who gave their life for Spain


HM the King Felipe VI salutes the Spanish Minister of Defence Pedro Morenés at the Palcio Real reception in Madrid


A Special Ceremony was also held in the Spanish Embassy Residence in Beirut at the beautiful Chehab Palace in Hadath, Lebanon. Lead by HE Milagros Hernando the dynamic Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon. Spain is one of the major contributing countries in  the UNIFIL in Lebanon & a major strategic partner for peace keeping & building in the Levant.

DIFAS Ceremony at the Spanish Embassy Residence- Chehab Palace – Hadath- Lebanon – HE Milagros Hernando Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon 27/5/16

Also promoting the values of courage, integrity, friendship & peace, His Majesty Felipe VI the King of Spain attended on the evening of the 28th of May 2016, the UEFA Final between The Real Madrid and Atletico Madrid in Italy and thanked all participants for their beautiful game and sportsman spirit.

HM Felipe VI  congratulated the winning team: The Real Madrid as well as all the players of the Atletico Madrid for their beautiful game lead by their coach, famous footballer & celebrity Zinedine Zidane.

Celebrations where heard all around the world, as well as in Beirut late at night as The Real Madrid won this year’s UEFA Edition after a penalty shootout and a captivating match.


HM Felipe VI King of Spain Congratulating Real Madrid Coach Zinedine Zidane Winners of UEFA 2016 




Kamsyn, May 2016