Mika Rocks Lebanon at 60th Anniversary of Baalbeck Festival


Mika, the Famous International Singer of Lebanese origin, performed Thursday night  4/8/2016 at the International Baalbeck Festival, Lebanon, close to the Syrian border. This was the opportunity for the artist to renew his support to Lebanon and it’s distinctive cultural mix.


During  his fabulous concert, Mika rocked the temple of Bacchus at Baalbeck (Lebanon). In this town close to the Syrian border, the Lebanese singer said that Baalbeck is “one of the most important places for Music in the Middle East and the World.”

mika bb

Invited by the committee of the 60th edition of the prestigious International Festival of Baalbeck, headed by the dynamic & glamourous Nayla De Freige, the singer of “Relax, Take It Easy” recalled that the Roman temples of Bacchus and Jupiter have hosted over the years legends of Eastern and World music: the Egyptian Oum Koultoum, Fairuz the Lebanese Diva, the British singer Sting as well as Duke Ellington and Ella Fitzgerald to name only a few..


Mika insisted that this prestigious festival represented: Lebanese culture par excellence, this bridge linking the Arab world to the Mediterranean, to Europe and to the World. The British artist who was born in Beirut, fled his country with his family because of the civil war (1975-1990).

The Baalbeck festival created in 1956, was also  interrupted during the civil war before resuming in 1997.


“When you think of Lebanon today, some people think of division, but for me Lebanon holds the beauty of diversity ” he told AFP. To this day, the 33 year old singer sold millions of records worldwide.

At Baalbeck, this cultural mix is illustrated with “Arabic music fused with French music and American jazz” said Mika enthusiastically.

Although Baalbeck is near the border with Syria, a country ravaged by a bloody war, and that the Lebanese army is facing attacks from the Jihadist group of the  Islamic State (EI) not far away, Mika has not hesitated to come because of the historical role of the festival.

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Wearing the Boshie Neo-Oriental Hat that was customized especially for him & for the 60 Years Anniversary of the Baalbeck Festival by the creative team of Boshies Beirut , he proudly displayed his selfie on Instagram that went viral launching a Neo-Tarboosh trend that is expected to hit the accessories market in autumn/winter just as the serwal did a few years ago.

During this unforgettable night he was seen carrying the Lebanese flag around his neck, as he performed his hits for more than two hours surrounded by a cheering crowd.






Anthony Dupray -Hi-res-Portrait-Emile Issa-_MG_57232
Famous French Actor Anthony Dupray visiting Lebanon


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Elsa O with her customized Boshies



Kamsyn, August 2016