Healthy Made Easy: A Talk with Mira Tueny Founder of The HealthQuarters


In 2014, Mira Tueny launched The HealthQuarters, a Polyclinic based in Beirut,Sodeco composed of a Team of twelve Health professionals. Mira’s objective is to promote Physical & Mental Health as well as an easier access to a Healthy lifestyle.

Mira Tueny founder of The HealthQuarters during her Talk with LAMSA NGO


The HealthQuarters Team

After studying Nutrition at USJ University in Beirut, Mira Tueny travelled to London where she achieved her Masters in Preventive Cardiology at the prestigious Imperial College. There, she realized that clinics which had a diversity of practitioners were more effective: “When I came back to Lebanon I wanted to open a dietary clinic but not on my own. I also thought of this space to be more than just a clinic for people who would want to lose weight. Here, they could attend workshops, conferences and awareness programs given by a variety of specialists towards a healthier way of life.  That’s how I started working on my vision”.

The HealthQuarters Hall

Situated in a modern & minimalistic building characterized by a welcoming & relaxing Architecture, The HealthQuarters covers a wide array of disciplines such as: Psychology, Sexology, Dermatology, Nutrition, Physiotherapy, Gynecology, Etiopathy, Acupuncture and even life coaching.


Mira took Kamsyn on a personalized & exciting guided tour: “The idea was to create a professional synergy. Doctors can refer patients to each other or to other practitioners, which helps with efficiency and consistency in the treatment process. For the patient, it also means being able to receive professional care, all at the same place. This creates a young and highly motivated energy in the center which operates in accordance with the Highest Medical Norms”.



The main reason that attracted Mira Tueny in the medical sector is her love of genuine human interaction: “I work to make sure that people are healthy & feel good. I take a long time to listen, understand and personalize every interaction. It has a lot to do with psychology also. Patients need to feel encouraged to be themselves. As the process unfolds, trust builds even more. Patients visiting The HealthQuarters aim for a balanced long-term lifestyle rather than a quick diet. Those suffering from cholesterol want to prevent further health issues by also doing sports, while others who suffer from eating disorders or from stress go further into psychological consulting”.

One of Mira’s Favorite Healthy treats

Mira holds a monthly Health column in Cedar Wings, the in-flight Magazine of Middle East Airlines. She also gives conferences & talks to Banks as well as Corporate entities to raise awareness for preventing heart diseases and cancer for employees with a sedentary desk job.


One of Mira’s famous specialities is the process of quitting smoking where she combines Nutrition and Sports to gradually shift her patients towards healthier habits. “It’s a complete process for a better lifestyle. Often, those who decide to quit smoking are concerned that it will affect their weight. In my approach, I also work on nutrition in parallel, which is essential.”


For Kamsyn readers, Mira Tueny offered to give some quick tips small towards a healthier lifestyle: “It is very important to eat three meals and two snacks a day, fruits for those who want to lose weight. Starting your meal with a salad helps digestion and contributes in avoiding over-eating. Of course, it’s important to eat diversified fruits and vegetables everyday as well as wholegrains. Fish is good weekly addition (up to three times/ week). Also, avoid butter, sugar and salt as much as possible”.

Healthy Mix: Avocado & Salmon salad

On skipping meals Mira says: “do not skip meals, because your body could get used to burn less and less calories. Of course, practicing sports is highly recommended, at least 2h30 hours a week. Smoking and over-drinking have a negative impact on your health and might increase your level of stress. Taking quality time for yourself is important”.

Mira gives her patients a personalized list to help follow better eating habits. Concerning  healthy and unhealthy foods, oils and grains: “People should read the composition of what they buy to avoid products having trans fat, this is the worst kind of fat as it can also negatively affect your memory.”

In order to offer an easier healthy snack alternative, Mira is launching in November  2016 the first monthly snack boxes in Lebanon. Such healthy snack boxes ( gluten free or wheat free) will be personalized according to particular intolerances & individual preferences.

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Kamsyn, October 2016