Alko B releases “Sex Tapes” A Happy Vibed & Flavor Packed Summer Album

Alko B released his first solo album Sex Tapes, co-produced by the Lebanese musician, producer and sound engineer Fadi Tabbal from Tunefork Studios. Under strong influences of Pop, Rock and Indie, the nine chilled songs may induce, Happiness and Sunny Joie de Vivre in an attempt to take you to the Island of your Dreams.

Alko B Myriam Boulos
Alko B  Photo Myriam Boulos

Famous for playing and performing with the bands Loopstache and The Wanton Bishops, at only 25 years old, Alko B decided to focus on his personal musical voice with a first solo album. “I wanted to explore new possibilities, move away from all my previous influences to enjoy writing, composing and realizing a whole album on my own”, the young prodigy told Kamsyn. Singing, guitar, bass and drums, all are played by Salim Naffah ( aka Alko B), with the support of Fadi Tabbal. “The beauty of this approach is that I have all the responsibility for the decisions taken, good or bad” he added. “Music is sharing with other musicians, however sometimes it leads to too much compromise. I always wondered how would it be to escape and journey with myself”.

Salim’s love of music comes from his childhood, when he started playing guitar at 8 years old. “I’m from the last MTV generation. We used to watch artists on TV and wanted to do like them”. He then follows the Conservatory until he reaching 11, when he decides to continue by teaching himself his favourite musicians at the time: the Beatles, Radiohead, Placebo, Sum 41, and others from the pop-punk-rock scene of the 2000s. “These influences have had effects on my life and work ever since”.

Alko B  Photo Myriam Boulos

But when it’s time to join University, Salim ends up in Management studies. “After a year, I was really wondering what I was doing, so I turned to Art and Audio-visual studies in particular at ALBA. Of course, this shift was hard to accept for my family at first, but I knew I would struggle anyway”. In 2013, the Lebanese musical world opens to him with Loosptache and The Wanton Bishops as a guitar player.


“I toured with The Wanton Bishops until summer 2016, but I had already started working on my project during the 2015 tour. When I came back, I started recording in studio right away. But for that, I had to discover my visual identity, which turned out to be pretty natural. I want to stay the most direct and honest as possible in my work. This record was written in my bedroom, recorded on a reel to reel tape machine that I found in Paris. We had fun recording it with my producer” Alko B likes to apply the ‘Do It Yourself’ technique for his first movie clip ‘Coffee and Cigarettes’, that he shot with a friend on his phone. His principle? “I don’t try to overthink things, I just do what I love”.

Alko B  Photo Myriam Boulos

The result is a colour-packed first album full of surprises with 9 feel-good original titles. With Sex Tapes the multi-talented Alko B is already on his way to Success- his live performances have reunited crowds of cheering fans while performing with musician friends at Onomatopea in December, then at Innovation Factory to officially launch his album, and at L’Appartement as well as at the Goethe Institute, Lebanon. His next show is planned for May 2017 in Kalei followed by many other Summer dates already booked “live performances will be even more special, introducing a quartet of violins and cellos”. As a true Artist who values the unique connection music creates, Alko B choses now to focus on concerts “where everyone is 100% with you for peace & love”.