Diane Foundation launches Community Service Projects for Eco-citizenship and Sustainable Development

Fondation Diane

Diane Foundation is a non-profit organization that was created by Diane Fadel in 2015, with a mission to ensure the recognition and respect for the natural resources of Lebanon whilst taking concrete action on the ground to support, enlighten and inform the world of green entrepreneurship. The foundation approaches the world of citizens and eco-sustainable development through three initiatives:

The CEEDD: Awareness-raising through an education, training and research support chair hosted at USJ University.

The Citizen Circle: An active platform for actionable information through gatherings, conferences, and various events.

Viridis Investment Fund (VIF): An investment fund for financial and operational support exclusively to green startups and SMEs.


The CEEDD is Hosted at Saint-Joseph University (USJ) and was created by the Diane Foundation in October 2015, the CEEDD (Chair of Education for Eco-Citizenship and Sustainable Development) is an interdisciplinary platform that aims to rethink the models of development to build harmony between citizens and nature.

The CEEDD is dedicated to environmental issues through an integrative approach. It stands out because of the close links it establishes between citizenship and sustainable development.

Diane Fadel addressing the audience

On Tuesday, October 3rd, 2017 Community Service projects for Eco-citizenship and sustainable development between municipalities and public schools in the Central Bekaa region of the Zahle Caza were launched.


The launch took place in the presence of May Kharat Director of the Center for University Studies of Zahle and Bekaa, Diane Fadel President of Diane foundation, Kaissar Al Dirani the Mohafez of Bekaa’representative, Youssef Breidy the General director of the Ministry of Education and Higher Education’s representative, members of 10 municipalities in the Central Bekaa region as well as directors from 10 public schools in the region.

The purpose of the meeting was to validate and launch joint projects between schools and municipalities, which are to be followed by the Chair (CEEDD) during the year 2017-2018.

Diane Foundation Team

The long-term objective is to raise a socio-ecological awareness and ensure its sustainability through the behavior and actions of municipalities and schools.

The meeting was divided into two parts:

The first part was an introduction to the initiative which consisted of speeches and the presentation of the selected 10 projects.

The second part was a workshop for the 10 municipalities and 10 schools representatives in which was outlined the technical aspects and stakes of their collaboration at the Center for University Studies of Zahle and Bekaa.

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