Mind Talk organizes «Digital Content in MENA Disruption & Challenges» Private Presentation in Beirut by Ounousa Founders Wassim & Elsa Kari

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Mind Talk held its regular private monthly themed meeting on Thursday 2nd of November, 2017 at 7:30 pm in the refined setting of the Four Seasons HotelBeirut. The session under Chatham House Rule addressed the topic of Digital Content in MENA: Disruption and Challenges.

Four Seasons Hotel overlooking Beirut Marina
Mind Talks October 2017 10
Wassim & Elsa Kari during their presentation, part of audience view


Wassim & Elsa Kari co-founders of Ounousa.com (2010), Sohati.com (2013) and Loolia.com (2014) gathering jointly a community of 6 million monthly unique users, 25 million social media followers and 100 million video views were invited to give a talk summarizing their extensive experience and sharing insights in this rapidly changing field that has disrupted the Printing Industry, Press, & Fashion sectors.

Mind Talks October 2017 5
Sami Abou Saab introducing the speakers

The private presentation which was followed by a round table was held in presence of distinguished guests from the diplomatic corps representing countries with a special interest in the sector, businessmen and businesswomen, communication experts as well as artists & entrepreneurs.

Mind Talks October 2017 6
Elsa Aoun Kari during her presentation
Mind Talks October 2017 8
Wassim Kari during his talk


The meeting was also an opportunity for Ounousa’s to present its latest milestone, now registering more than 4 million visitors and around 10 million pageviews a month, with a strong social media base of more than 15 million followers on Facebook.


Ounousa & KAMSYN PR partner frequently, the latest collaborations were OFA16 Fashion Awards & the OFA Winners Cultural Trip to Madrid 2017  in Summer 2017.


Mind Talks October 2017 14
Wassim Kari, Nicola Di Luzio Head Communications, Second Secretary Political, UK Embassy Beirut, Elsa Kari, Michelle Macaron Digital Diplomacy at UK Embassy Beirut, KAMSYN PR founder Emile E. Issa
Mind Talks October 2017 16
Sami Abou Saab, Nadeem Ghanem, Lilia El Habre


Mind Talks October 2017 15
Lilia El Haber, Anthony Abdel Massih, Edouard Sioufi, Mario Boghos
Mind Talks October 2017 11
Nicola Di Luzio during round table & Avo Demerdjian Violin Virtuoso & Composer

Mind Talks October 2017 13

Mind Talks October 2017 9
KAMSYN PR founder Emile E. Issa closing the session, thanking the speakers and the audience 

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Elsa Aoun is the co-founder of Ounousa.com (2010), Sohati.com (2013) and Loolia.com (2014). She is currently the CEO of Ounousa.com, an online magazine publishing content for Arabic speaking women on topics related to lifestyle, fashion and beauty. Ounousa registers more than 4 million visitors and around 10 million pageviews a month, and has a strong social media base with more than 15 million followers on Facebook. Before becoming a full-time entrepreneur, Elsa worked in strategy consulting in the Media, Telecom and Airline industries for Booz &Co in the Middle East and A.T. Kearney in France. She is a graduate of HEC, Paris and holds an MS degree in Telecom Engineering from Saint Joseph University (USJ).
Wassim is the co-founder of Ounousa.comSohati.com and Loolia.com, gathering jointly a community of 6 million monthly unique users, 25 million social media followers and 100 million video views. He is currently the managing co-founder and CEO of Sohati.com and Loolia.com. Previously Wassim had 10 years of experience in strategy consulting at Capgemini, Booz&Co and Strategy& focusing on the telecom and media industries in Europe and the Middle East. Wassim holds a masters of management from HEC Business School in Paris and graduated as a telecommunication engineer from Saint-Joseph University in Beirut.