Zari Garaka Master Digital Artist: The Journey of a Paladin-Poet

Coming from a culturally diverse background, Digital Artist Zari Garaka is a Master Digital Painter, the modern-day equivalent of a paladin-poet. Trained eyes quickly identify his unique brush style characterized by subtle movements, strong raw emotions as an invitation to discovering one’s true self infused with healing intentions. The creative process is often referred to as an active meditation aimed at restoring balance via a rich panel of mediums, colors and patterns.


Flourishing and flowing details in Zari Garaka’s creations are matched with the spontaneous energy of his creative fire that dictates the speed, patterns and order. To the critics, often the order might seem to be broken, until it appears unified again at another deeper level. The artist plays this way with multiple layers of perception and suggests to viewers the simple complexity of what we commonly refer to as ‘reality’. Zari Garaka has been celebrated by free-spirited collectors always curious to navigate unchartered waters in search of the blue pearl of spontaneous self-expression.


Born from a Lebanese father and a German mother Zari Garaka was put in contact since his early childhood with the specificities of many cultures and their art forms. Born and raised in Geneva, Switzerland, Zari Garaka studied law in Paris I Pantheon Sorbonne. Shortly after obtaining his bachelor’s degree, he entered professional life coinciding with the passing away of his father.

A life-changing experience that encouraged him in his path of self-discovery and meaning. Since a very young age Zari Garaka was fascinated with understanding himself and others, “as time went passing by I developed a high capacity to do so”, he explains to KAMSYN. “Following my passion, I specialized in self-development and profiling which led me to coaching. The latter choice was made in order to share the tools I had acquired in a more compassionate environment”, says Zari Garaka.


Nowadays, he continues to share his tools freely and manages to balance his professional activities (real-estate) with his personal path of discovery. “All of my life choices have been a balance in between intuitive decision making and my capacity to adapt to my physical environment”, declares the artist, in an exclusive talk to KAMSYN.

How did you get into Digital Art?

Did I choose it or did it choose me? (chuckles). It started with an intuitive exercise using oil paint and having for objective to develop expression and creativity: with the aid of a painter friend of mine I was blindfolded and had to choose four colors with my left hand. Once chosen I was also given the color white in order to have a panel of five tonalities with which to experiment. I then let myself explore the feelings of finger painting with these raw materials and the result sparked something inside my heart. I then continued until, I switched to digital paintings and elaborated my own technique. All my paintings are created after meditation and prayer with the alignment of my intention, attention and compassion. The gifts I am blessed with in each creation have the finality to be enlivened in all those who will see the art and speak the words I give to each creation. Like this my blessings become the blessings of many who can in turn create their own art or simply be inspired.

How would you describe your passion for this art form?

My passion was not born for this art. My passion is spiritual and comes from my high sensitivity, my perception of the symbolic aspect of life and my personal choice to follow my heart in all the opportunities that life gifts me with. Basically my curiosity led me to enjoy the tool of expression that is painting.


What does Digital Art mean to you?

Digital art is a platform that can be used like any other to express and create. It facilitates the transmission of my expression with more ease due to the interconnectedness of our digital world. With the Internet, one can reach a greater number of viewers. Digital magazines such as KAMSYN are a good example of the evolution of communication in our digital era.

In Digital Art, digital technology is an essential part of the creative process. For some people, mixing technology with art destroys the beauty of the classical vision they can have about this world. How do you explain that?

The tools are indeed very different if one compares digital and traditional. It is up to the artists to choose which platform suits their talent. If by «world» you mean the art world then my answer to this question is that the people who feel this are right and their hearts are more anchored in the classical art form of painting. This is why they react to new and different expressions of painting. However the word destruction is quite intense and translates reactive rejection of new techniques. In the light of this scenario I would like to take Japanese archers as an example. Through their training they understand the necessity for structure in order to evolve. However it is only when they understand that the structure has become limiting and that they allow themselves to let go of it that they obtain mastery. In addition I will also say that the word destruction is well chosen as only in death is there rebirth. This is also why I can affirm that I will probably not always use the digital platform as a tool for my art.

How is digital art currently impacting the contemporary design world in your opinion?

I am no expert in contemporary design. I would say that from my observations with the growth of video art, Virtual Reality and the applications of art in connected objects that perhaps contemporary design might be gifted with more versatile tools and creative possibilities ever-attained until now.


What have been the most important steps in your learning of Digital Art?

Following my intuition, which resides in my Heart and listening compassionately. I don’t think one should establish an absolute truth for all artists as it would be limiting. I can however firmly invite each artist to follow their natural calling and explore until they find themselves in their art and until their art finds itself in them. My truth is mine alone and each artist has their own.

What are your influences?

One of my greatest influences is Carl Jung for whom I have the upmost respect. I also addressed the study of other great thinkers who inspired me to choose the opposite direction of their teachings.

Your current projects?

My current project is now to bring into form my digital creations thanks to a specific platform. More will be revealed soon, join the conversation on Instagram @ZariGaraka

A few words to wrap this up.

Blessings, Love & Light.

Words by @NatashaMetni for KAMSYN