Spain: The Rising & Attractive Destination for Lebanese Students


When it comes to gaining new experiences, Lebanese students are always happy to discover new opportunities that would allow them to study abroad, especially when such universities are located in Mediterranean countries, where the unique combination of culture, weather and way of life is similar to Lebanon.

In the recent years, Spain has become an increasingly attractive Mediterranean Academic destination for Lebanese students. With its excellent educational system that provides students with the utmost of learning prospect, its great historical and cultural heritage, its affordable costs of living and tuition rates, its delightful climate and laid back atmosphere, as well as it’s well-established international professional networks dedicated to innovation; Spain appeals to students looking for an ideal balance between academic excellence and a dynamic modern student lifestyle, at the heart of the European Union.

To know more about some of the special Academic Programs and Institutions, KAMSYN spoke to the qualified representatives of two leading Spanish academic institutions, renown worldwide:

  • ESNE: Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología
  • Instituto de Empresa – IE Business School 


ESNE: Escuela Universitaria de Diseño, Innovación y Tecnología

Known as a point of reference for university education in the areas of Design, Innovation and Technology, ESNE has been, since its creation in Madrid, a leader in contributing to the enhancement and advancement of the Creative and Digital Industry. KAMSYN spoke to Miss Veronica Melendez Valoria, International Relations and Academic Planning & Management Director, to know more about this leading institution.



Could you please introduce ESNE in a few words?

ESNE is a University Centre placed in Madrid and highly regarded for providing integrated training in the areas of Design, Innovation and Technology. It is our mission to contribute to the invigoration and advancement of the Creative and Digital Industries and to be part of the preparation of the designers of the future, the ones who will respond to the needs of the society with passion, knowledge and creativity. Also, we like to think that our effort and consistency have contributed to build the current vision of Madrid as an actual point of reference for designers worldwide, and the understanding of a more natural continuation after a long tradition in art and history that has always characterized this beautiful city.


ESNE is recognized as one of the best Design & Fashion schools in Europe, and one of the best in Spain. How is that?

ESNE is the biggest and leader Design Campus in Spain. We are the only higher education institution in this country to teach such a variety of design disciplines as official degrees, which means that students from different backgrounds and a wide range of interests learn and practice together in our campus. In response to their motivation ESNE has improved its resources over the years, to the extent that we have been pioneers in the provision of a Digital Fabrication Lab with the latest technology, or in the implementation of some methodologies.

Jose Ramon Aguirre

As for the Fashion programs, we are very proud to have been part of the promising professional life of so many young designers who have started amazing careers after graduating, some of them even run their own firms and participate regularly in annual remarkable fashion events, such as the Mercedes Benz Fashion Week in Madrid.



What is the importance of International Students & Partnerships ?

They are crucial to us. ESNE seeks be global, as we cannot see the world anymore simply reflected in our closest environment. Of course local awareness is essential as well, but yet we believe that a global vision can also contribute to the resolution of daily situations, at a local scale. Partnerships help to know other cultures, new perspectives about the same difficulties, and also provide opportunities for our students. Similarly we love to have international students, because that means new challenges for both our students and professors, while it broadens the students’ imagination and skills.


Spain and Lebanon share a lot in common in addition to the ancestral friendship between the two Mediterranean countries. Which advice would you give to young Lebanese Students who are interested to continue their studies abroad, in Spain in that case?

First of all I would say “just do it”. A period abroad is impossible to explain, you need to experience it. Spain is a beautiful country with a very strong tradition in art and history, fine arts, design and architecture. Its cultural and leisure offer is immense and diverse, and that is why Spain is always the most requested country for an exchange period or a short academic experience, and one of the most demanded destinations to do a Bachelor or a Master program. The excellence and rigor are key strengths of our educational system. We do highly recommend overall Spanish higher education institutions as a preference for studies worldwide.

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One last word to our readers…

Mostly we want to show our gratitude for the invitation to be part of your platform KAMSYN. You and your readers are very much welcome to visit us in Madrid. We will be proud to show in person the amazing results of our students and professors.



Located in Madrid, IE Business School was founded in 1973 under the name Instituto de Empresa and since 2009 is part of IE University. It is recognized around the world and by the most prestigious associations for its high-quality teaching. With an innovative vision, entrepreneurial spirit and a focus on humanities and academic rigor, it is committed to educating professionals who will make a difference to society. KAMSYN spoke to IE’s Director International Development for the Middle East and Africa, Mrs. Sabine Yazbeck.


Could you please tell us more about IE Business School? What it is IE’s Mission, Vision and Educational Strategy?

IE is an education institution which revolutionized the traditional education institutions. Starting by the fact that it was founded by 4 young entrepreneurs who created a Business School in 1973. The School became one of the most recognized in the world and one of the first International Business Schools in Spain. 10 years ago, IE Business School acquired an existing local University transforming it into an International one with more than 130 nationalities represented.

That was done using the same education model used in the Business School based on practical learning through a strong entrepreneurial mindset, Tech & Innovation, Humanities aside from the clear diversity component for its success. Currently, IE has a full service education model offering programs from Undergraduate Degrees to PhD Programs including MBA programs, a wide array of Executive Education programs and most importantly a number of specialized programs in key areas in today’s world through 4 schools aside from the Business one: IE Law School, IE School of Architecture & Design, IE Global & Public Affairs and lastly IE School of Human Sciences & Technology. IE’s uniqueness is certainly in the ecosystem which allows us to bring together experts from the 5 different areas and expose our community to all these fields.



Spain and Lebanon share a lot in common in addition to the ancestral friendship between the two Mediterranean countries. Which advice would you give to young Lebanese Students who are interested to continue their studies abroad, in Spain in that case?

For many years, Lebanese have pursued an International Education in many countries, for various natural reasons (ties between such countries and Lebanon, immigration policies, distance & language). The similarities between Spain, a Mediterranean country, and Lebanon are many and in additional to the mutual attraction.

For example, I came to study at IE 13 years ago, when it was still not a common destination for Lebanese. Today, our efforts in Lebanon have naturally resulted in a growing number of Lebanese students choosing our IE, as they are known for their entrepreneurial mindset on one hand and strong adaptability spirit on the other. IE’s offering in cutting edge areas are matching the needs in the country.


What about partnerships between IE and other international universities?

At IE,we collaborate with several top universities in the country but have a formal relationship with the American University of Beirut – AUB, which includes a student exchange at the Undergraduate level as well as a joint program for Executives to develop strategic management skills for scaling up business.

by Natasha Metni Torbey.