Giampiero Bodino Maestro of High Jewellery & Italian Design


Born in Turin, Giampiero Bodino was still an Architecture student when he first experienced the world of design, thanks to an exceptional teacher, Giorgetto Giugiaro.


Giampiero discovered his deep passion for three-dimensional volumes and a long lasting interest in the beauty and function of shapes whilst designing cars for Italdesign; an experience that caught Gianni Bulgari’s attention, offering him the chance to move to Rome to design Jewellery.


The Roman experience came to an end ten years later, when he met Franco Cologni, true visionary of the luxury world. He moved to Milan, where he opened his first studio for the creation of jewellery, watches and accessories, never giving up the passion of his early years: sculpture and particularly painting.



An increasingly closer collaboration with the Richemont Maisons brought him to work exclusively for the Group in 2000, becoming its Art Director in 2002: a role that allowed him to approach the historical and cultural heritage of the most important high jewellery and watchmaking players globally.

Giampiero Bodino


With the support of Richemont, he has been active since 2011 in the creation of the High Jewellery Maison bearing his name, profoundly and proudly Italian. An exciting new challenge that flourishes from the far-sighted vision of Johann Rupert.


The Maison opened its doors in November 2013, bringing nearly thirty years of experience in jewellery design to a climax.

Giampiero Bodino chose the Villa Mozart in Milan as the home for his Maison, and has restored it to unveil the beauty of its enigmatic charm and clean-lined discretion. Since then, this Art Deco landmark site from the ‘30s, has become the sole destination for a unique lifestyle experience, by appointment only.

After meeting last year with the welcoming & dynamic Press Attaché Andrea Serafini at the Conde Nast 1st International Luxury Conference in Florence;  Kamsyn was between the happy-few to be invited to the Ritz in Paris early July 2016 to discover the launch of the latest High Jewellery Collection signed by the Maestro himself.


Below is the Exclusive presentation of Giampiero’s Divine Collection


Bracelet Diamonds, pink gold

In mosaic design, a tile can form a circle and a straight line can be used to create a hyperbolic curve. Giampiero Bodino’s contemporary vision reinterprets this ancient art which may be gleaned whilst exploring Italy’s historical monuments, such as the San Vitale Basilica or the Galla Placidia Mausoleum in Ravenna. The pink gold and diamond cuff mounted on a spring is adaptable to any wrist. This piece, certain to become a family heirloom, condenses the artist’s conception and the skill of highly talented artisans into a series of shapes, volumes and light. Its various angles never fail to astonish when observed from different perspectives, with the curved surfaces in solid polished gold or studded with diamonds and with sharp vertical volumes or curvy horizontal planes. The mosaic is formed by a motif of concentric circles, seemingly without a beginning or an end, their mesmerizing design and repetitiveness propagating like a drop in water. The diamonds embedded on the edges of the bracelet further emphasize its surprising and distinctive contrasts of light.


Transformable jewel: necklace and earrings Blue sapphires, diamonds, white gold

The evocation of nature is explicit in this piece. Here, the waves of Giampiero Bodino’s beloved sea break to form intertwined trajectories, these reassemble in a sinuous design and paint tonal nuances ranging from the deepest blue to pure white. The sea as source of energy and beauty. This transformable jewel – both necklace and earrings – is dynamic and imposing yet it preserves a structural and visual lightness. The flexible white gold and diamond necklace mounted on a spring can also be worn alone. The two white gold earrings with brilliant and pear-cut diamonds and encrusted of sapphires – with a gradation of shades that required long and painstaking work in matching and positioning the stones – can be easily attached or detached. It is a triumph of light that is emphasized by the openwork technique: each setting has been perforated and polished so that every stone may capture as much light as possible.


Pink Tourmaline 23.58 cts Diamonds, White gold

A 23.58 carat pink tourmaline sugar loaf – an antique cabochon cut which extends vertically upwards reaching a peak – crowns the top of the Passamaneria ring in white gold and diamonds. Passamaneria, the art of decorating fabrics with trims, fringes and tassels comes to life in a voluptuous decoration that focuses on the fleur-de-lis motif – a heraldic symbol of royalty – which is also used in the design of the four prongs holding the extraordinary central stone. The body of the ring, worked to resemble sumptuous brocade, alternates brilliant an pear-cut diamonds to create a play of full and empty spaces. The inside is worked using the openwork technique – where each single setting is perforated and polished allowing the stone to capture as much light as possible – reveals a pattern as complex as that of lace.


Earrings Violet Sapphire (Madagascar) – 2.37 cts. Blue Sapphire ( Sri Lanka) -3.61 cts. Precious gems and fine multicolored stones, diamonds, white gold.

Inspired by the number eight, symbolising the constructive balance of forms and energies, the Rosa dei Venti – the Wind Rose – is a harmonious geometric figure which, when transformed into a jewel, conveys the greatest freedom of style. The reinterpreted diagram at the center of these earrings becomes the ideal setting for amazing color compositions: similar in structure, they are different in their design and in the combination of stones and colors. The shades of one, echoed in the other, testify to a special study of reciprocal complementarity and balance. White gold and diamonds form the base for the vibrant hues of precious gems and fine multicolored stones. The center of one is dominated by a 2.37 carat violet sapphire from Madagascar, while the center of the other boasts a 3.61 carat blue sapphire from Sri Lanka. The articulated chain features fleur-de-lis motifs, a heraldic symbol for royalty.


July 2016