Ounousa Fashion Awards: OFA 16 Pioneers by Leveraging Powerful Influence in the Digital World


The Ounousa Fashion Awards #OFA16 were held on the 26th of October 2016 at the Smallville Hotel, Badaro under the Patronage of the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism and the Spanish Embassy in Beirut.

The gala dinner was followed by an outstanding fashion runwathat featured the creations of nine special Lebanese designers in the fields of fashion and accessories in presence of Mr Ricardo Santos Deputy Head of Mission at the Spanish Embassy in Beirut, representing Spanish Ambassador HE Milagros Hernando and Mrs Paola Pharaon Rizk, representing the Minister of Tourism, HE Michel Pharaon as well as number of distinguished & carefully selected guests.


Ounousa chose to support & promote local artists to help them reach the unique International Digital Exposure they deserve. By creating the Ounousa Fashion Awards OFA 16,  the Founders’ objective (Wassim & Elsa Kari) was first and foremost to support and promote local designers with the potential to grow, helping them to reach a wider audience through Innovative & Disruptive Marketing Strategies using non-traditional channels such as the Web and Social Media. Ounousa’s exceptional reach in the Arab world and core Social Media following base (13M fans on Facebook; 450K on Instagram) were successfully leveraged to showcase the best of the freshest talents in Lebanese Fashion.



The OFA Contest combined a Prestigious Jury of Experts in the field of Academics, Lifestyle & Fashion as well as the possibility for the public to vote online during Summer 2016 for their favourite Designers.

OFA 16 Jury at Work during collections review at Smallville Hotel Badaro

The Winners of the OFA 16 as announced by Elsa Aoun Kari & Mr Ricardo Santos are :

I-  Prize of the JURY:  KANZ

II- People’s Award after Online Voting:   SWEET GRIP

III-Special Prize of the Jury: L’ATELIER NAWBAR


  • Full Digital Coverage on the Ounousa Social Media Networks for an Entire Year to promote winners’ brand presence and position in all Arab countries.
  • Training courses for guidance in Business Management and Design by International experts

Most importantly, thanks to the support of the Spanish Embassy in Beirut, the winner of the Jury’s Prize will travel to Madrid, Spain for a personalized Fashion Tour: Museums, Workshops, Universities for a photoshoot circuit of her collection in front of signature landmarks across Spain.


Shortlisted OFA Designers: The Twist, Nathalie Karam, Saque, Marcelle Mouawad, Kanz Handbags, Jessica K, L’Or Jewerly, L’Atelier Nawbar & Sweet Grip

Members & Celebrities of the OFA Jury:  Lana El Sahely, Rami Kadi, Paola Pharaon Rizk, Daniella Rahme, Cedric Haddad & Ghada Kazzan.

With the Support of: The Smallville Hotel Badaro, Sohat Water, Lumalu Lipstick, Domaine des Tourelles, The Agenda Beirut & KAMSYN PR

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ddt agenda_nb KAMSYN Logo

As the main communications partner for the event and to find out more about this unique competition KAMSYN PR was excited to sit with (i) Ounousa Founders Wassim & Elsa Kari (ii) the Ounousa Head of Operations Yoana Zakhem Halabi, as well as (iii) H.E Milagros Hernando the dynamic Spanish Ambassador in Beirut followed by an Extensive Talk with the (iv) Competing Designers &  (v) Jury Members for a Full & Detailed report about this unprecedented event.

Current Editor in Chief of Ounousa Veronique Abou Ghazaleh injected her skills & expertise to build-up strong momentum on Ounousa throughout the Digital Campaign to combine the power of Digital and unique Live Engagement.

Elsa Aoun and Wassim Kari, The Founders of the famous online platform Ounousa.com met while continuing their Masters abroad before becoming husband & wife. Their encounters with a multitude of Digital entrepreneurs in Europe changed their views on the nascent digital publishing world, so they decided to come back to their homeland Lebanon in 2008 with the idea of starting a young & fresh daily guide for Arab women which would include various interesting topics such as: fashion, styling, make-up tips, cooking recipes, entrepreneur & celebrity stories just one click away.

Kamsyn talks with Elsa Aoun and Wassim Kari, Founders of Ounousa.com

Elsa Aoun Kari Co-Founder of Ounousa with Agnès Khorassandjian at OFA 16 Gala Dinner & Fashion Show Hotel Smallville, Beirut


You were studying together in France when you designed and launched Ounousa, can you tell us more about the idea behind this project ?

We decided to travel to France to join HEC business school for a Master’s Degree. Each one of us had planned for a career in fields that were far from the Media. The whole experience completely changed our perspective. We had the opportunity to meet with entrepreneurs from the Internet bubble era and we were definitely inspired by some of their success stories. At that time there was still limited content in Arabic available on the web for women. Even print magazines had not yet considered publishing online.


With all the talented designers and potential jury members available in Lebanon, how did you choose the Designers & Jury for OFA 16 ?

The choice was not easy. For the selection of designers we brainstormed internally and set a list of objective criteria that helped us identify potential candidates. We focused on designers that had recently launched their brand or their concept, that were based in Lebanon (as the current chapter of OFA) and that could benefit from Ounousa’s position as a leading media in the Arab world.

Spontaneous moment between Lana El Sahely & Rami Kadi during Jury review at Smallville Hotel Badaro

The jury’s participation reflects our vision for the competition: Ghada Kazan brought the experience and the technical know-how in fashion; Rami Kadi portrayed the success story of a young designer; Lana el Sahely gauged the uniqueness and innovation of brands as a major fashion influencer; Cedric Haddad assessed their appeal and potential for styling; Daniella Rahme brought her fashion sense and social media vibe and Paola Pharaon focused on their ability to nurture and support local craftsmanship.


What sort of challenges did you face when you first launched Ounousa Fashion Awards? What are your future plans ?

The challenges we faced are typically the ones that come with new and innovative concepts. We created an identity for the campaign, we designed and developed a new website, we mobilized a full production team to shoot videos, we travelled to organize dedicated photo shoots. We ventured into the event space, organizing a full deliberation day for the Jury and a Gala dinner to award the winners of the competition.

OFA 16 Runway & Gala Dinner at Hotel Smallville Badaro

This first experience is like Ounousa in every way: young, dynamic, innovative and most importantly professional. We’re so proud of the team. They completely rock! This being said, we are definitely planning for the next chapter. We are currently considering different options for our next edition. Kamsyn our Media Partner will be the first to know !

Kamsyn now sits with Yoana Zakhem Halabi, Head of Operations of Ounousa that accepted the initial challenge and successfully implemented the project despite tough local market conditions.

Yoana Zakhem Halabi Head of Operations of Ounousa

What do the Ounousa Fashion Awards represent for you ?

Ounousa Fashion Awards (OFA) represents a key milestone in Ounousa’s story and strategy, on two fronts: Firstly, it is Ounousa’s primary venture into the off-line world of events, from a pure online play. Secondly, it is an expansion of Ounousa’s Corporate Social Responsibility (CSR) strategy, through which Ounousa is helping promote young talents.

Thanks to Ounousa and OFA, and by leveraging Ounousa’s regional leadership in digital and social media (12M fb followers) in MENA, local artists were able to introduce their brands to millions of people during a period of two months, through videos, articles and photo-galleries, that Ounousa produced for them – thus offering these artists a mega-platform to launch/grow their careers, and potentially aiding them to fulfil their dreams, all the while promoting their local culture…  to me this is what OFA is all about!

Special Photoshoot in Paris in Summer 2016 for OFA16 featuring Elsa O l’Accessoire

How did you come up with this campaign and what is the reason behind it ?

Since its inception, Ounousa’s key focus is to bring valuable content to its audience. Similarly, and since reaching leadership in online fashion in MENA, Ounousa has been very keen to leverage its base to service young promising talents, whose notoriety would otherwise remain, for the most part, local. From these two priorities, came the idea to develop OFA, a campaign which would help Ounousa achieve its mission, all the while serving its primary objective of satisfying its audience. Starting OFA with Lebanon came as a natural choice given that Ounousa’s headquarters are in Beirut, and similarly partnering with the Ministry of Tourism given the nature and purpose of the event.

Designer Nathalie Karam presenting her creations in front of the Jury

What sort of criteria do you follow when you chose the Designers & Jury for OFA ?

We selected the designers based on three key selection criteria, mostly related to their products: First is their uniqueness, quality and price range, Second, they should be manufactured in Lebanon and Third, they should have limited reach outside Lebanon – to maximize benefit from OFA campaign. As for the Jury members, we selected them based on their Notoriety, Influence and Expertise in the fields of Fashion and Digital Communication.

Yoana Zakhem Halabi surrounded by Mr Antoun Halabi, Tatiana and Emile E. Issa founder of KAMSYN PR at OFA 16

What sort of challenges did you face when you first launched this competition ? Do you see this competition being held again in another country ? Which country would it be ?

Most of the challenges faced at the beginning of the campaign were related to planning and management of all parties involved, while making sure that timing and quality of work was not jeopardized.  Thanks to Ounousa’s Founder Mrs. Elsa Aoun, our Communication Advisor Emile Issa, and our Key Sponsors we made it happen!

We are definitely planning to roll out this campaign in other countries in the Middle East and potentially expand it to other artistic fields such as Photography, Decoration, Painting..

SE Milagros Hernando Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon- Portrait-Emile Issa- March 2016-_MG_2056 RC
H.E Milagros Hernando Spanish Ambassador in Beirut at the Chehab Palace Residence of Spanish Embassador in Lebanon   Photo Kamsyn


On H.E Milagros Hernando Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon’s support to the OFA 16 & Lebanese Designers :

When the OUNOUSA Fashion Awards was still a project it was presented to me, I immediately had the feeling that it was important that the Embassy of Spain in Beirut got involved.
Two main reasons moved us to actively support OFA: firstly, because this project is about promoting young talent and we strongly believe in Lebanese young talents, their professionalism, their rich creativity and therefore, their never ending possibilities.

They are called to play an outstanding role in our present-day society and we believe they must be recognized internationally.


Secondly, because of the significant role of social media in this project. We are firmly believers of the power of social media in our society and its capacity to change things.

Mr Ricardo Santos Deputy Head of Mission surrounded by the Spanish Embassy Team family & friends

Fashion is an expression of Arts and Culture in which Spain has a long tradition. In the last few decades we have witnessed how local Spanish designers have become global giants, many of them present in Lebanon and worldwide.

The Spanish Embassy will continue to work closely with OUNOUSA Fashion Awards in order to bring it closer to the Fashion Industry in Spain”.


I- RAMI KADI  Fashion Designer

A young fashion designer, he reached success in no time, his designs were worn by Famous International and Local artists from Amy Jackson to Haifa Wehbe. In 2011 he opened his own Rami Kadi Maison.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

I always thought that supporting new ideas, new inventors and new designers is key in achieving a better place. When I first started my couture journey, I was supported by  directors, leaders in the industry and fashion icons and this is what made me who I am today. Seeing new Lebanese talents succeed warms my heart and I wouldn’t miss the chance to support them the same way I was.

Do you see Fashion integrating Technology & connected elements in the Future ?

In this new era of technology and innovation, whatever doesn’t hold technology will pass unseen, I’ve always used technology in my collections and I love to keep innovating so that my future collections constitute a new challenge in my journey.

What do you consider a faux-pas in the Fashion World ?

I consider stepping away from modesty is a major faux-pas, we should take the right steps at the right time. Of course always aim big, but reach your destination smartly and slowly.

What is your Fashion must-have today ?

As Rami Kadi, I consider my Eyeglasses my must have. I wouldn’t go a day without wearing them , they’re part of my life style. Everyone has a must have in fashion and there is no absolute truth in this matter.


II- PAOLA  PHARAON RIZK Representing the Lebanese Ministry of Tourism

The Lebanese Ministry of Tourism chose Paola Rizk to represent it due to her expertise and professionalism in the field, not to mention her renown interest in fashion and culture. Paola graduated from the University of Pennsylvania in 2009 and works as a consultant in the Ministry of Tourism since 2014.  

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

As a representative of The Ministry of Tourism, we were very happy to support Ounousa’s initiative to identify and promote emerging Lebanese designers. We recognize the potential Lebanese designers have, becoming global ambassadors of Lebanon’s modern and positive image. This project also highlights Lebanon’s crafts sector, essential to local designers, that distinguishes itself with highly skilled individuals and a unique know-how in the region.

Do you see Fashion integrating Technology & connecting elements in the Future ?

Technology today serves Fashion in many ways, with for example social media helping to reach more people instantly and 3D printing already set to revolutionize the fashion industry. I can only see that progressively developing in the near future. However, Technology can never replace the artistic creativity and talent of a designer, which is at the essence of Fashion, or the craftsmanship behind bringing those soulful visions to life.

What do you consider a faux-pas in the Fashion World ?

Lacking your own personal style, for both designers and fashionable women.

What is your Fashion must-have today ?

Elegance and Confidence are any woman’s must-haves when making a fashion choice !


III- LANA EL SAHELY Famous International Fashion Blogger

Lana is a World Famous Lebanese Fashion blogger that was able to achieve global presence through her “L’Armoire de Lana” platform she started in 2010. Lana’s distinctive touch, presence & creative vision also makes her a much sought-after stylist for celebrities such as Nancy Ajram and many others.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

It’s very important to me to support an initiative that is working on shedding the light on emerging and very well-established brands/designers/talents. OFA is a great concept that could be taken to higher stages. I loved meeting many designers and discovering brands that I had never heard about, giving them constructive remarks and appreciating the quality of their work.

OFA 16  Fashion Runway Feat Dress by Nathalie Karam

Do you see Fashion integrating Technology & connected elements in the Future ?

I believe it’s already happening as many designers and brands are being inspired by Technology and by the growth of social media. All of the new platforms used by bloggers and influencers are shaping fashion & the publishing world.


What do you consider a faux-pas in the Fashion World ?

I believe that fashion faux-pas are very relative. Many things that appear as fashion faux-pas to me might appear as totally great to others. I could mention visible bra straps as I find it such a huge mistake, especially that I love an elegant image but also too much animal print.

What is your Fashion must-have today ?

A beautiful white shirt, classic cut but with a twist.


IV-DANIELLA RAHME  TV Presenter, Influential Fashionista & Public Figure

Daniella Rahme will bedazzle you with her charm and different look every time she’s on TV or on stage. Whether it’s with Dancing with the Stars or The X Factor. Daniella grew up in Australia and won Miss Lebanon Australia in 2009. She came back to settle in Lebanon where she’s now one of the top women influencers on social media in the Middle East.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Since my early debut I always had support from people who believed in me. Now it’s my time to give back to the community and show my support to young fresh talents that I believe in. OFA has given a huge opportunity to these young designers to share their work and their story. This is a big stepping stone for them and I’m so honoured to be part of it. I wish them all the best of luck for their future endeavours and most importantly to always believe in themselves.


What do you consider a faux-pas in the Fashion World ?

Wearing high-end designer brands only. This isn’t the definition of style. We all love designer brands, we all wear designer brands, but the brands you wear aren’t the only thing that matters. It’s all about the personal style and the look you create. Don’t be afraid to mix a bit of everything, explore other designers and have a nice variety in your wardrobe.

What is your Fashion must-have today ?

Vintage items


V-GHADA KAZAN  Fashion Consultant and Fashion Designer

Ghada Kazan is well-known in the fashion industry. Her extensive experience got her to be the Head of Fashion Department at University of ESMOD, Beirut. She is considered as an authority in Fashion, where she designs clothes for Celebrities and TV shows.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

It is important for me to participate in the OFA because it’s a new experience in which all the contestants are no longer students. Each of them has now reach a very advanced level in his/her studies and work. Therefore the jury’s point of view has a different approach, unlike the usual academic approach. Not to forget the social media impact of such an initiative led by Ounousa.

The OFA 16 Jury reunited after deliberation

Do you see Fashion integrating Technology & Connected elements in the near Future ?

Of course, Technology’s integration into Fashion is inevitable in the Future, from intelligent fabrics with features such as control of muscle performance or the ability to change colour (such as the heat-activated fabric used in Alexander Wang’s Fall 2014 collection for example) to all the experimental brands that have been pushing the digital button such as Fashion Technology Innovations with the wearable mp3 player/ Wi-Fi or even GPS & Bio feedback.

What do you consider a faux-pas in the Fashion World ?

The lack of a strong concept behind designs and the absence of a determined identity of the designer.

What is your Fashion must-have today ?

Simply and most definitely Comfort.

VI- CEDRIC HADDAD Acclaimed Fashion & Celebrity Stylist



Nine Brilliant Designers are part of OFA 16’s selection, each one of them with a unique style



Jessica Khoueiry Ashkar is a talented fashion designer that had passion for crafting and drawing ever since she was a kid. At the age of 29, she sketched her path into the International Fashion Industry. Her designs are made for confident modern women and her collections mixes romance, elegance and Rock N Roll creating her own distinctive style.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Mainly because of the high added value OFA is offering to our brand through the unique exposure and online presence.  Jessica K will have the opportunity to be displayed in front of a VIP Jury and gain more visibility in the Arab market.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

It occupies a big part of my Marketing strategy. Having an online presence is everything nowadays; the Digital World is the present & the future. Instagram more importantly helped a lot in my brand exposure and raised awareness and interaction among my actual and future potential customers.


If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be ?

Jurgen Teller


II- KANZ  “WINNER Jury’s Choice AWARD”

Kanz is a new concept in the world of distinctive bags that was founded by the famous TV Presenter Rabia Zayat and aspiring marketer Yara Ghosn. It is inspired by the Sufi culture, each bag is unique and one of a kind.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Our participation as KANZ in OFA is important to us as we are a newly established brand (since December 2015) and this is the first time we participate in a competition that has this positive impact that reflects the image of our brand.  It also gives us the opportunity to meet other new local talents and of course major personalities in the fashion world that we admire.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

The Digital World today is one of our essential pillars. Various platforms are helping us to market our brand as we do connect with customers through our phones, tablets and laptops in real time. Not to mention the impact of digital advertising and campaigns to build the visibility of our brand.

Kanz Handbags receiving OFA 16 Jury’s Choice Award from Elsa Aoun Kari & Mr Ricardo Santos from the Spanish Embassy in Beirut

If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be ?

Patrick Demarchelier since our handbags are artistic with their handicraft work. The photographer’s fresh and contemporary style will give the brand a vibrant touch. We want our campaign to reveal an elegant feeling, and Demarchelier’s simple yet classic approach could be ideal.


III- L’ATELIER NAWBAR    “WINNER Special Prize of the Jury”

L’Atelier Nawbar is an innovative concept in the world of jewellery design. It focuses on collaborations between designers, artisans, vendors and customers. Dima and Tanya Nawbar maintain the traditions and techniques taught by their dad, a master jeweller himself, yet they make it a fun experience and each piece is unique representing the customer’s personality.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards

It is always a good thing to stop and evaluate where you are and get some feedback from other famous figures in the design and fashion fields. OFA’s competition will help guide us as we take a step back to see how our brand is perceived by the gurus in the fashion industry as well as by our customers.

naw nnn

How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

It is definitely the most accessible & effective Marketing Channel today. Virtual communities help us see how our customers perceive the value of our brand, not to mention it’s a whole new dimension to tell our stories.


If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be?

Mario Testino



Laure Yassin successfully set L’Or Jewellery as one of a kind, modern brand full of youth. Laure’s passion took her to the jewellery world where she specialized herself after she studied fashion design. Her collections combine elements from our daily lives, from ice cream cones to umbrellas..

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Participating in OFA is an indicator that my brand is being recognized and at the same time in the spotlight. I believe that my brand represents the “Ounousa” (feminine touch) each woman looks for in her Fashion Journey : elegance, grace with a zest of playfulness.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

Through Social Medi, launching a creative campaign can make your brand go viral faster than any print media. Working with Digital Influencers plays a major role in attracting new audiences to your brand and keeping them engaged.


If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be ?

I am in love with Mario Testino Fashion Photography, so I would definitely pick him.



Innovative and daring are the first two words that come to your mind when talking about Marcella Mouawad’s evening elements. After her unique collaboration with Sofia Herrera and working couple of years in New York, Marcella came back to Lebanon to open her own showroom in Beirut.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Participating in OFA  brings exposure to the brand and the designs.  Ounousa has a famous social media platform locally and within the Mena Region; therefore being part of the OFA is very helpful and beneficial. No matter how big you are you always need supporters for your brand, which is exactly what Ounousa is offering us.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

The digital world today took over: Everything became visual especially in design work. We computerized flats, sketches, patterns, spec sheets, presentations, etc…  The online platform joined as key for marketing and exposure. It is absolutely key to be present inthe digital world to compete within today’s market.

If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, which would it be ?

Mario Sorrenti would be the one. I love the edge he gives to his shoots.



Nathalie Karam is an aspiring fashion designer. Not only she won the first prize for the best designer at ESMOD, but she also worked with prominent international designers. Her right knowledge, expertise & experience took her to launch her own brand.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Participating in the Ounousa Fashion Award will give my brand a bigger exposure to the Arab World as I would like my designs to be more and more recognized. I also hope to win as the prizes offered are very attractive.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

Nowadays people are very busy and social media technology helps any brand to reach potential customers much faster no matter how far as long as they’re connected

If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be ?

Patrick Demarchelier.



Saque is known for the luxury and elegance spirit it conveys to the world of design bags. The sisters Chantal and Daisy El Jurdi, both come from an Engineering background, in only 1 year they succeeded in reflecting the image of a modern neo-oriental woman. They always tend to design their bags in resonance with the woman who will be carrying them.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

Being part of the first Ounousa Fashion Award is a great privilege especially that Ounousa is a well renowned Digital Magazine in the MENA Region. The most important feature of this competition is the role Ounousa is playing in helping us get together as designers and jury members to  increase our visibility throughout the world.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

The different social media platforms and the digital world in general help us create a trust relationships with our customers. We also get a sense of their persona for a deeper connection with our brand.

If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be?

We would choose Lindsay Adler, who presents simple yet vibrant pictures, focusing mainly on the beauty of the product, which is something we constantly try to achieve.



Dima Kronfol & Lama Khalil’s Passion for fashion, especially clutches, made them launch Sweet Grip successfully  inspired by the Disney World and Video games.

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

We launched our brand 8 months ago and are always striving to create awareness around Sweet Grip and our designs. Since we were nominated by Ounousa as one of the participants for the OFA 16, it’s a direct indication that our new company, although in its beginning stages, will be recognized in the media and influencers universe, proving the potential it has.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ?

Since we, the designers behind the brand, are also bloggers, we know the deep importance of the digital world in terms of awareness, recognition, credibility, and sales. And that is mainly why we emphasize on collaborating with influencers that are aligned with our vision.


If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, who would it be ?

Mario Testino is one of the greatest fashion photographers of all time, he can catch the moment and highlight the beauty of any item.


Danya Jabre The Twist

The Twist is a luxurious, yet minimalistic high-end jewellery brand inspired by everyday life.  It’s founder Danya Jabre studied Interior design when she realized her love for gems, which led her to launch her own jewellery line in 2014

Why is it important for you to participate in the Ounousa Fashion Awards ?

I am honoured to be selected as one of the nine designers and I believe that the exposure I will get from this competition will benefit me especially in the GCC where I would like to expand. OFA will not only help in the exposure, but also provide the winner with workshops and a photoshoot in Spain that will help her pursue her International journey.


How important is the Digital World today in your work ? 

Thanks to social media I started selling worldwide within a month of my launching back in Dec 2014. I am about to launch my e-commerce in a few days and hopefully this should take my brand to yet another level.


If you could choose 1 famous international fashion photographer to shoot your latest collection, which would it be ?

I love and admire the work of Michael Baumgarten that did many shoots for Vogue Gioiello. I find his playful style to be in the same mood as my jewellery.

@Sally Mansour & KAMSYN

October 2016