KAMSYN Contributes to Beirut Relief Projects

During the month of October 2020, in the aftermath of the Beirut explosion, KAMSYN partnered with the Beirut Digital District and National IMPACT Foundation to distribute care-packages to the population affected by the tragic blast and provide support to the distressed. Care-packages consisted in milk, diapers, hygenic and prime necessity products.

. During the month of August 2020, and just a few days after the Beirut explosion. KAMSYN and Rotary Club Marbella partnered on the project ‘Reborn in Beirut’ to send a team of Spanish firefighters from the canine brigades of the Spanish NGO GERCCMA of the cities of Granada, Malaga and Sevilla, in the south of Spain, to help in the search efforts of victims of the blast and potential survivors. The team consisted in six firefighters of the NGO GERCCMA, and four dogs specialized in canine detection, ARCON Method, officially qualified for intervention. The team of Spanish firefighters was welcomed in Beirut by the Spanish Ambassador in Lebanon, His Excellency José Maria Ferré de la Peña.

Below are a few extracts of the Rotary Club Marbella press release:

”On August the 4th, the worldwide known explosion of the port of Beirut resulted in more than a hundred deaths, more than 6,000 injured and more than 300,000 people who were made homeless along with the resignation of the whole government, leaving the country in state of crisis.

The day after the explosion, a group of six Spanish firefighters of the Spanish NGO GERCCMA of the cities of Granada, Malaga and Sevilla, in the south of Spain, traveled to the city with their four trained dogs (ARCON Method) to find survivors under the rubble and find the victims. This was made possible thanks to the financial support from Rotary Club Marbella.

Once there, they were tremendously helped by Emile E. Issa, founder of KAMSYN PR, resident in Beirut and member of the Rotary Club Marbella, who provided them with everything they needed.

Unfortunately the rescuers didn’t find survivors. When they got back to Spain, they gave us the terrifying testimony of the situation in which the city finds itself at a human, social and infrastructure level. There is no running water, the city gas supply due to the deterioration of the pipes does not exist and electricity also due to destruction, is supplied at certain times only.

Rotary Club Marbella now directs its efforts to help the city and rebuild some of the damaged structures. With this purpose it has requested a global subsidy under to Rotary International which has been awarded for such project under the name ‘Reborn in Beirut’.

We are Rotarians, we are people of action, help us to help!”

. On the 16th of August 2020, and two weeks after the Beirut explosion, KAMSYN founder Emile E. Issa, was interviewed as guest of the Spanish Radio La Ser on the ”Hoy por Hoy” daily morning program, to highlight the risks related to the destruction of the damaged neighborhoods in Beirut, and to launch an appeal to save the Beirut Architectural Heritage.

(Disclaimer: in the interview, show host refers to Emile E. Issa as an Architect, which he then quickly corrects by referring again to him as the spokesperson on this occasion for Architecture & Design Firm Elias E. Issa)

. On the 11th of August, Spanish News Agency EFE Noticias, interviewed Sam Heller of Crisis group and KAMSYN founder Emile E. Issa about the political situation in Lebanon after the resignation of Prime Minister Hassan Diab. The interview was published in multiple titles of the international Spanish press.