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KAMSYN PR is a Strategic Communications & PR Consultancy based in Beirut, Lebanon, for international actors aiming to optimize their communications, to reach targeted audiences as well as decision-makers and make a positive impact for increased visibility through today’s winds of change.

In the aftermath of the tragic Beirut explosion of the 4th of August 2020, KAMSYN PR contributed to multiple Beirut relief projects and as a strategic partner to the MHF ”Love & Light Christmas Concert 2020” a special fundraising initiative for the Children’s Cancer Center – Lebanon CCCL by Maestro Harout Fazlian. As well as supporting the vulnerable artistic communities of Lebanon, in addition to providing a message of hope and solidarity to the distressed Lebanese population affected by the tragic Beirut explosion.

KAMSYN PR founder is Star_of_the_Order_of_Civil_Merit_(Spain) Communications Strategist & Public Relations expert Emile E. Issa OMC (Portfolio) linkedin-badge  Twitter Badge

Strategic Communications & Public Relations Counsel:

  • Research, Analysis & Strategic Communications Campaigns 
  • Reputation Optimization: Online & Offline
  • Storytelling & Content Creation
  • Business Diplomacy & Market Access 
  • Crisis Communications
  • Negotiation

KAMSYN’s Private Digital Newsletter offers its select subscribers exclusive spotlights and interviews with top decision-makers with a focus on Diplomacy, Leadership, Lifestyle, Culture & Fashion

Upon specific request, KAMSYN PR‘s international network of professional experts provides its clients with Strategic Communications & Public relations advice, storytelling, business diplomacy, representation, negotiation and market access.


  • Governments
  • Public Figures
  • Multinationals
  • Information & Communications Tech
  • Pharmaceutical
  • Luxury Hospitality & Fashion Brands
  • Entertainment & Media

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Beirut based Office, Lebanon 

GW, London, UK, Bedford Square

logo CHOGM2108   CWEIC Membership Certificate KAMSYN 2018  CBF

KAMSYN PR was Corporate Partner 2018 of the Commonwealth Enterprise & Investment Council (Secretariat based at Marlborough House, Westminster and Guildhall, City of London). Representing KAMSYN PR’s clients at the Commonwealth Business Forum of CHOGM 2018 (full report here) in London,UK. Around KAMSYN PR gravitates an international network of select professionals, sharing the same passion for Communications & PR in the digital age.

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