Caco Senante and Vicente Borland Concerts in Lebanon Instituto Cervantes

The Cervantes Institute of Beirut presented in June 2021 a concert by the artists Caco Senante and Vicente Borland. “We sing the same language” is a tribute to Spanish-speaking composers and performers on the occasion of the celebration of the Music Day. Caco Senante has recorded numerous albums such as “Entre amigos” or “Qué te pasa tierra mía” and has collaborated, among others, with artists such as Rubén Blades, Pablo Milanés and Joaquín Sabina.

The pianist of Panamanian origin Vicente Borland is known for his jazz performances and adaptations and has accompanied artists such as Celia Cruz, Elsa Baeza and Natalia Dicenta on the piano. On the occasion of these concerts, the percussionist Maher Saidi joined the show.

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The Baalbek Concert organized in collaboration with the Governorate of Baalbek-Hermel and the Palmyra hotel (headquarters of the new extension of the Cervantes Institute in the Bekaa Valley) took place at the Temple of Bacchus on June 21st 2021, the date on which the summer solstice is celebrated.

Photo Marc Fayad

It is a celebration that builds bridges between cultures, traditions and continents, and also coincides with the Music Day.

Photo Marc Fayad

On June 23 at 6:00 p.m. Senante and Borland also performed, within the same program, in the Garden of the Beirut Digital District, headquarters of the Cervantes Institute in the capital of Lebanon. The repertoire included tango, ranchera, salsa or waltz, a journey through the music of the different countries of Latin America. Moreover, it incorporated the well-known theme of the Brazilian bossa nova La Chica de Ipanema.

These concerts have the support of the Spanish Embassy in Beirut, the municipality of Baalbek City and the sponsorship of the Beirut Digital District and ZRE.

Photo Celia Viñals Soler

On Tuesday June 24, Senante and Borland, as well as Maher Saidi, also performed at the UNIFIL Miguel de Cervantes base, in Marjayoun.