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Dana Sarhan MSc, MFT  photo Emile Issa

Dana Sarhan(MSc University of Massachusetts, Boston) is an experienced Couples Psychotherapist working with diverse cultures along the MENA region. She provides counseling & guidance with emphasis on effective communication & active listening skills.

A frequent contributor to KAMSYN Dana writes on how to handle conflict, invest in communication skills, rekindle in long-term relationships, while working with trauma and dysfunctions.

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Dana works with different subcultures, with men & women from different socio-economic backgrounds.

Dana’s column translates our daily lives by providing scientific research, analysis & guidance to better understand the role of power dynamics in the :  Corporate world, Cultural norms, Media and the Arts, gender roles, relationships, Human connections, laws and policies, as well as emotional, physical and mental health.

She’s also a calligraphist during her leisure time, building the bridge between Arts and Sciences.

Dana is a Member of:  (AASECT)

American Association of Sexuality Educators, Counselors & Therapists

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